Cowgirl Get Up!


Cowgirl outfit is one of the most common get-up to a costume party. As a posh lady, I know everyone had dreamt of getting the perfect cowgirl outfit. You have to be more creative in selecting what to wear. Maintain the country look but don’t forget to glam up by mixing girlish pieces.

mikee conjuanco

Since I was a little kid, I’m a huge fan of Mikee Cojuangco. I was so amazed because of the fact that a beautiful lady will ride a horse not for a hobby but as a sport as well. I always wonder on the feeling of riding a horse but still keeping your composure and poise. Her outfit in the photo was my inspiration.

Since I’m really girly instead of wearing checkered top I opted for floral long sleeves and an off white denim shorts with brown cognac belt to glam it up.

 And of course, you need to secure your bottoms because riding Mr. Horsey is no easy! For my hairstyle, our stylist asked me to braid my hair and put on a colorful bandana. Don’t you ever forget the boots! I borrowed this brown knee-high boots from my aunt that totally made the look! If you have nothing to wear, try to peek on your mom’s or aunt’s wardrobe and try them out, make sure you tell them first though ‘coz they may think that someone stole their clothes. Haha!

Hmmm. What do you think about me being an equestrian?


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