Corporate Attire

What’s the first thing that enters your mind when you hear corporate attire?

For the first attire, I was wearing black sleeveless embedded with golden beads top from Chica Booti. My white plain bottom was from 2xtremz. Both shops are probably in Doha, Qatar since these garments were only given to me by my older sister. So anyway, I don’t find it uncomfy since this is not my first time to dress-up like a businesswoman. In our school, we are required to be on it every Thursday as our uniform. However, wearing sleeveless is prohibited and has a corresponding sanction, and so I didn’t attempt to wear this. Anyway, I personally like putting on sleeveless top because it makes me feel fresh (and also sexy). A friend of mine had affirmed that he’s attracted to girls who wear no sleeves tops because it makes them look clean and fragrant. Although it seems inappropriate, since corporate attires should showcase conservatism because it is worn by professionals and decent people, I still appreciate it. On the other hand, my friends kept on questioning why I chose to wear white skirt rather than a dark one knowing that the pants itself will have a cleaner look than the former. Well, I told them that I want to be the unusual! I want to break norms. Moreover, I believe that this creates a noticeable look.

For a better and more-of-a-corporate-attire look, I placed on a black blazer. This plays a vital role in making a get-up really a business-like one. This clearly and absolutely defines what corporate attire is. It serves as a key factor in distinguishing it from other styles. To make the attire more realistic, I carried a red colored handbag from Secosana which I borrowed from my POSHmate Mika as well as the blazer.

For the third corporate attire, I just replaced my top with a black and white floral shirt. Got this from my POSHmate Daney. I really liked the way the color of it matched the white skirt. It establishes a fashionable conservative look.


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