You own the night, girl!

I used to be this shy and timid girl, the typical kind of person you see on the corner waiting for somebody to talk to her first. But this was before, and just like other grown-ups, I was able to overcome this. Now that I am in college, I have to be confident with meeting new friends and companies. I have to be warm with other people or else I will end up being a loner. Meeting new acquaintances could be very apprehensive. At first, you’ll get rejections so try your best to keep things light with others; and second you will also be very conscious with how you look so before going to a party, make sure you have pick out the perfect dress that flaunts your assets! Just don’t forget to check out what’s the theme; you don’t want to wear neon clothes in a black party and end up getting bullied after right?

Also check the time of the event. For this post I took a night party concept. I wore a blue dress coated with black see-through chiffon. Just a light make-up but a little heavy on the eyeliner since it will give an instant boost to your eyes. For the lippies, dark shades are also good but for my personality too dark is a little off. Curl the ends of your hair for an elegant vibe.

Dressing up need not to be so glam up, it must stay simple and not overrated. As long as you are comfortable and confident with what you are wearing, you are most likely to meet new friends in the process without feeling any anxiety about rejection and the like.

Now, I have these 8 gorgeous posh ladies with me that had helped me go out of my “timid” personality. I can now create a good conversation with everyone that I meet!



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