Karen Co Chua Cobilla.

Karen is a graduate of HRM at La Salle College Antipolo. She loves to cook and fashion! She loves to glam up and experiment  clothes. She tries to make her style very unique. Want to get more of our POSH CHEF? Read on!

1. Please share your story about your shoe business!

 My shoe business started in feb 2012 (k & k shoes for a queen) the name came from my name and my daughter’s name; keira. I was currently working for our family business during that time and I decided that I have to do something on my own, since I love shoes I thought it was the perfect business for me, I met a supplier from Marikina, Philippines and started designing shoes, from sketches, materials (like the textile and heels or wedges to be used) it only took me one month to have everything prepared before the opening of the shop. And with the help of my friends my family I was able to sell almost everything in just one month.

My daugther Keira!

One of my posh designs! I love shoes a lot and designing them into a real shoes are a dream come true!!

2. Heels or Flats? Why?

Preferably WEDGES, haha! Super comfy to wear and I wear them almost every day at work.

3. How do you pick out your clothes?

I pick out my clothes from uniqueness, I don’t like having the same outfit as everyone else, and so I sometimes pick out something with the weird details and colors. Since I’m very petite I don’t usually get to buy clothes that perfectly fit so I alter them myself but of course I love bargains, that four letter word are very tempting  – SALE and you should always consider the price.

4. Where do you buy your Chic clothes?

I buy clothes from brands like wage, jellybean, candies, redhead and people are people. Department stores are like heaven to me.

5. What is your beauty routine?

My beauty routine, I make sure to wash my face and remove my make up before going to sleep, I use etude facial wash and mark kay moisturizer; both with green tea extracts.

6. Jeans, Skirt, or shorts? Why?

I super love skirts, especially the maxi ones because it’s so easy to pair with other pieces; can be a daytime and a night time look.

7. Who is your fashion inspiration?

My fashion inspiration is kryzzie uy from thirsthythought blog, she’s not afraid of wearing diff styles and although she’s petite, she can pull off any clothes. Even the sexiest ones, I see myself in her. Haha!

8. Give us 3 things that a Posh Lady needs in her bag every day.

Three things that you should have in your bag; oil control film, lipstick and goody pins for a perfect up do.

9. What beauty tips you can share to us?

What I can share is that being fashionable is not just wearing clothes that are in but making it your own statement, a perfect outfit can never be perfect if you don’t know how to wear it confidently.

10. What is posh to you?

POSH for me stands for Polished in what you’re wearing, oozing with confidence, bring out the Sexiness in you and it must hard to imitate!



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