Trisha Duncan

Trisha Duncan is a Senior at College of San Benildo Rizal. She loves fashion and she has this charm that every body loves! Very POSHitive! 😀 Here’s her answers to our questions.

1.Please share your experiences at the Philippine Fashion Week! 

Us regular watchers need to line up before the show starts ’cause we are seated accordingly. My buddies and I run in heels just so we can get the best seats in the convention halls and it’s a plus when we’re seated near the celebrities who are in front – a.k.a, the editors of the fashion magazines of the country and some showbiz people.

2. Ramp Modelling or Commercial Modelling? 

I really prefer Ramp modeling even though there’s a height requirement in it while Commercial doesn’t, on the other hand. I used to be a model and there’s that certain thrill and adrenaline I get when I’m down that runway!

3. Heels or Flats?

Definitely heels! Not only does it add height but it gives us ladies that feel of empowerment and sexiness. Model wise, I believe it’s easier to strut in them – just cause! Haha! I can’t explain it but believe me! lol
4.  Jeans, Skirt, or shorts? why?

SHORTS!!! I don’t know why but I really love wearing them. Of course, I can’t wear them all the time so I have to wear jeans and skirt for formality. I haven’t found that one pair of jeans that fit me well and I’m still on the look for it. They’re an essential to everyone’s wardrobe.

5. Who is your fashion inspiration?

Not specifically a ‘who’ but everything and anything can inspire me when it comes to dressing up. The internet, I believe, is a big help in getting an idea of what’s in, what’s happening and what’ll fuel my creative juices.

6. What brand of clothes do you prefer to wear? Are you brand conscious?

I am certainly not brand conscious! I love to thrift and find the most unexpected treasures in the most unexpected racks! I try to strike a balance when it comes to shopping, not just buying in the high end stores but also supporting our local ones – even designers. It doesn’t really matter what brand it’s from but just as long as you’ll look good in them, wear it!
7.  Describe your fashion style.

As much as possible, I want to be versatile and have a little bit of everything. I can’t pin-point my style but I am certain in investing to classic pieces that are most essential.
8. Give us 3 things that a Posh Lady needs in her bag everyday.

Always have mascara, hand sanitizer and lipstick with you! You’ll never know when you’ll go to your next event!

9. What beauty tips you can share to us?

Cliche as it is, our mothers are right – we need a lot of sleep to look fresh and beautiful. I’m only in high school but I feel like I’m sleep deprived already ’cause of school. Haha! We need 7 hours of sleep, no more, no less. Never ever go to bed without washing your face no matter how tired you are. It’s a mortal sin! Invest in a good facial wash that suits you. Aaaaaaand, drink lots of water everyday!
10. What is “POSH” to you? 

POSH is living up to being a “classy” lady. Not just in actions or clothes but also having that posh attitudes towards life, others and yourself. As Marilyn Monroe said, “Keep it classy, never trashy.”

Thank you Posh Ladies! I hope I was able to give you inspiration! 🙂


3 thoughts on “Trisha Duncan

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  2. you are really the bomb, i must say! with your photos, you seem like a professional fashion model. without a doubt, you’d be the next Tyra Banks in the future! Keep up the good start of being POSHanable 🙂

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