Girly Skirt!

During summer, people look for something refreshing and cool. I like to eat ice cream, watermelon, milkshakes and of course family outing! There are different activities to do on your family outing like scuba diving, snorkeling and getting tan under the sun!

I know every girl’s dilemma is the comfort of the clothes. During summer I like to wear flowy skirt since it makes me look taller. My top was a brown sleeveless shirt and partnered it blue wedge heels and black tote bag. My necklace is very summer too! Don’t wear to much make-up just a blush and lipgloss will do the trick. Try buying the Ever Bilena Cheek and Lip tint for only 145 pesos!

I feel like I’m on a vacation somewhere in Ilocos, Philippines wherein beaches are so beautiful and you can feel the cool breeze of the ocean. I would definitely wear this during summer! 


8 thoughts on “Girly Skirt!

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