Black is flexible.

With my black long-sleeved top, I already created 2 looks! Incredible! I must say that black is a very versatile color; you can easily mix and match your clothes with it!

On my first look, I just paired the black top with a brown checkered skirt. Then finishing it off by wearing a straw hat and funky eyeglasses.  I would love to put on for travels. Philippines is such a lovely country. I enjoyed visiting different provinces like Tagaytay, Baguio, Batangas etc., and also in cities like Pasig, Manila, Pasay, Makati and Quezon City. And wearing something like this while in a vacation or just hanging out with friends would be great! That is why I will definitely show these off in the busy streets of Taguig or maybe in Ortigas! So poshies, go on and try it, just don’t forget to put on some sunblock with SPF!

This time I chose a flirt y–but –oh-so- adorable blue skirt to match up with my black top. I just accentuated it with a green ribbon. A simple look that could be worn for any occasion. For me, I prefer to wear this on a Super Show concert. I have been to Super Junior concert twice and with those two concerts that I have attended, I just put on a fan shirt, jeans and sneakers! I somewhat regret that because most of the fan girls wore the same attire! XD Definitely on my next Super Show, I would wear something lovely to feel the blissful moment and of course, I want Kyuhyun to see me pretty. :”)


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