Classy Korean!

Dresses are so easy to wear anytime anywhere. You don’t need to match  top and the bottom- Just choose Dress! You can be cute, sexy and sporty depends on how you want others see you! You can wear this type of dress in your work place with a jacket. The black parts of the dress give a sexier look.

If you have a party at night then remove your jacket, add some accessories!

I didn’t put on heavy makeup just eyeliner and golden shadow which can be accepted in your work place and other places as well. Actually, I was not suppose to chose this clothes then my posh friend suggest me to wear it. Their choice was right! It was fit for me. I was too nervous to take picture since it was my first photo shoot eve!

They tried me to make laugh and relax then finally I got comfortable to smile in the camera! Thanks posh girls!

This is very Korean feel dress. Almost all girls Korean girls have this kind of dress in their closet. It is so posh that I can buy Korean clothes here in the Philippines because most Filipinos are also hooked to their fashion.

In Korea, we really like to dress up and wear trendy clothes but we never forget our traditional wardrobe. As you can see, we have Korean series that deals with our culture and story. We wear our Hanbok in the most special events in our life.

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14 thoughts on “Classy Korean!

  1. Oh my Jenny you look stunning even without makeup! I love the dress amd would love to have one. Hope to see more of you in your wonderful blog! 🙂 stay pretty. xoxo, Sarah.

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