Lose it with posh.

I was very much inspired by Manny Pacquiao in my look. I chose this wardrobe because I find it very comfy and at the same time really pictures out what a sporty get-up looks like. Moreover, I didn’t need to expose a lot of my flesh here. It’s very conservative and simple which makes it really pleasant and appealing to the eyes.

The Adidas jacket which was given to me by my Auntie suits my jazz pants from Body Music. This combination allows me to move in whatever way I want. With my bottom, I can stretch as possible as I can because it is so flexible. My jacket permits me to hide my excess fat and I am not that bothered because there would be no exposed parts. Also wearing jackets can help you lose more fats because your body heat is trapped inside which will burn more fats! Of course, my look would not be completed without my running shoes from Reebok. This pair prevents me from slipping around. It holds my feet on the ground and is light-weighted which makes it fit for jogging.I highly suggest you to put on these kinds of garments every time you exercise because you would be able to move freely and comfortably.

We got to lose it with Posh.


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