Viva la Vida!

Calling for a tumblrrefic outfit!

I had a great weekend outfit thanks to my timberland ankle boots, a pale white dress and a cute little brown ribbon to accentuate my waist line and give a girly look! Boots can revamp to any outfit, whether it can be dress, jeans, skirts or slacks, just accessorize an outfit using ankle boots as the focal point. For some, boots whether knee high black leather boots or the ankle ones can be a little tricky because if you wear them with a wrong outfit it can swiftly turn any fashion “do” into a fashion “don’t”.


My aunt gave this to me back when I was 2nd year high school. I never wore them because of school and I thought it was not trendy at all. But just this weekend while I was looking through a pile of clothes, I saw them once again and tried to put them on, matched it with different clothes. It was little worn out because it was kept for such a long time.


I paired it with my black leggings and a crop top statement shirt – “Shut Up” to catch some attention, which gives my outfit a boyish look with a feminine touch. You can wear them on casual days, at any time you feel comfortable. Leggings are super-comfortable and they can be worn with a variety of things, like long sweaters and tunics; they also work well when worn like tights with shorter skirts and dresses.  I love leggings and statement shirts together, which reflects to my personality it always gives a great fashion staple to have, and worn with flat ankle boots right way, the combination can instantly freshen up your appearance.


A classically androgynous outfit looks bang in tune with the mood of the moment!

So this blog is all about fashion and making it more accessible to the average person. I’m learning that fashion is all about taking the few pieces you may have and making them work. My idea is for people to see that being fashionable doesn’t mean you have to go out and buy the high-end brands. Work with what you already have and maybe indulge on a few staple pieces here and there. The goal is to make fashion work FOR YOU!


20 thoughts on “Viva la Vida!

  1. though the boots is kinda old its still good o use it and make some fashion statement 😉 got a better idea with your blog keep it up!

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