Royal Feel.

Every time I see people wearing long skirts, I tend to think that they are old fashioned and outdated. Long skirts make them look very much traditional and not modern enough. However this assumption was altered when I tried this outfit. I was wearing an ankle-length dotted skirt from Esprit and plain sleeveless top from Zara.

At first, I was having a second thought of putting it on because of my prior knowledge. But when I looked at the mirror and accessorized it with pearl earrings and necklace, I liked, actually loved, it. It looks very simple yet elegant. To further make it more outstanding, I wore a black vintage hat with attached black ribbon on it. My outfit makes me feels that I’m residing in England with the royal family Haha!


I totally had a misconception with regard to long skirts. I thought that this type of bottom only matches old people. Surprisingly, it is also applicable to youngsters like me (and also you). It doesn’t make you’re old but more on making you feel fashionably matured.


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