Travel Buddy!

Hi posh ladies out there! This is a very good travel outfit because it very boyish and stylish. I wore a checkered boyfriend long sleeves and a short! I can wear this with a black glittered shoes or sneakers! My ribbon was the center of attention in this outfit because the color is so lovely.

I don’t really usually wear this style. But this comfort style makes me relax… try to wear green checkered shirt with jeans! But put your shirt in your pants. It will make your look different. Deep blue denim short which is my favorite can be worn everywhere anytime.


I love travelling. When I was still in Korea, I would go to provinces to feel more in touch in nature. If I’m the city, my friends and I will go parks, clubs or shopping centers! I love it back there in Korea because you can see a glimpse of our culture almost everywhere!

But of course, I love Philippines too! Unlike in Korea, people here in the Philippines are a lot warmer in welcoming tourists; they helped those tourists who are lost in the city. Also the products and cost of living is relatively low compared to Korea. I was able to compare prices of gadget between Korean and Philippines – Philippines still is a lot cheaper.


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