Elf Brushes

What I love about these fab brushes are their affordability and durability. I got my powder brush for about 250 php and is good for blush too. They have a wide variety of brushes from the small ones up to the puffiest one. you can also choose how hard the bristles are. It is also light weight and comes with different colors and designs.


Applicators are the key to create a very smooth and sleek make-up. Be sure to clean them as often as you use them because the remains can totally kill your look. You need not to buy all the brushes at once, get the key players first like – eyeshadow brush or applicator, powder blush which you could use for powder, blush and bronzer, a blending or the contour brush for the eyes..



ELF is very affordable from 150 to 500 php (depends upon the design) only which is good for starters like me and you!! πŸ˜€ Invest on them because they are your magical wands!! πŸ™‚



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