Disco Ball Inspired!

As I was scanning my brother’s closet (yeah you read it right! My brotha is a gay) this one-piece glued with silver sequins caught my attention. I love the way it was designed. It really suits the party theme. Its color complements the fair-skinned ladies. If you’re a party goer, always make sure that you wear bright and striking clothes so that you can be the head turner of the night.

Do not consider wearing dark toned clothes because you will totally look under dressed for a party.

This dress looks so fab most especially if lights are focused to it because it resembles to a disco ball. For others they may perceive this dress as too liberated and I’m showing off too much skin but hey posh ladies, “if you have it, flaunt it!” All girls can flaunt their curves and show skin whether you’re too skinny or voluptuous you just need the right confidence and trust about your body and do not forget the attitude, Okay? I am very proud of my body and all my flaws that is why I can wear this sexy outfit but I always see to it that I wear it with poise and class; I also choose the right time to wear this outfit. If you asked me to describe my outfit using song titles, I would choose Rihanna’s hits “Please don’t stop the music” and “Diamond”.

If I’m not mistaken, he didn’t buy this from retail store but instead was made from scratch. He bought a couple of yards of cloth in Taytay, Philippines. He personally drew the style and asked a friend to sew it. If bought in outlets, I think it will cost you a thousand pesos or more, however, my brother just spent roughly P500 for it. Who would ever think this was not purchased from a boutique? Hmm? You see, you can be fashionable even though you don’t have that much money. Just bring out your creativity and wit, and you can be Posh enough!

For my make-up, I didn’t like to wear too heavy eye shadow because I love to dance and sing with the music so I used brown shades and used a lasting eyeliners and orangey lippies. You can use silver or a dash of gold to brighten up the lids. Also if you can apply body glitters or bronzers so your skin can glow as well. Since I will dance the night away, I didn’t put on necklaces or bracelets to help me move to the groove easily just a silver ring to match my dress and colors earrings. I’m so POSH!


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