Summer is so on!

Say hello to my Monte Carlo outfit without spending a lot of money!

Summer is the most awaited season of teens like me! It is the only season I can spend most of my time at home with my family and chatting with my friends online. I’m always thrilled once the temperature is rising because it shouts “Go to the beach!” But this excitement turns to worry because you need to look for summer outfit and what’s worst; students are all broke during summer! Now I do not have any money to spend for a new summerrific outfit. But hey, I’m not letting this season pass without getting in! So, what do I do? I thought, “No money? No problem!” I simply look through my closet; find clothes and accessories which I could mix-match, check out the trend for the season and try to look for bits and pieces and pimp the old clothes I have like bleaching the jeans and cutting them into shorts!

I did my trick with this outfit. Crimped dress and brown clothed-hat, with colorful bracelet accessories to emphasize the bright glance of the season, paired with jelly skin toned wedge with ribbon on top to create a girly-on- the- go attitude! I really love it when I could be so fashionable without spending any cash and at the same time feeling confident with whatever clothes I am wearing!


I think this dress is a real must have because you can use it at the beach or while in the mall. Its texture is not too heavy so you can breathe easily. If you are petite like me, always keep in mind to show a little skin mostly on the legs part because it will make you look taller.


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