My Award’s Night Look

I’m wearing a long black dress (LBD) from Jades fashion, belt from forever21 and heels from Boccalo Shoes for only 1700 php. What I love about this dress is the accessories I used – It was a 24 Karat Gold from Riye’s Aunt which made my look totally POSH! For a posh lady like us, we need to invest to jewelry such as these gold earrings and necklace because they are timeless. You can even give this your grand children and be passed down from generations to generations.

When I was informed that we need an elegant theme I was worried because I might not be able to look for an elegant dress on my closet, good thing Coco Channel’s statement inspired to create a look – “Style is a way to who you are without having to speak”

This is a full length black dress with chiffon and cotton fabrics which makes it flowy and comfortable to wear. You will surely be the best dressed of the night if you wear this on masquerade balls, formal evening gatherings and formal occasions (not to mention a high-end date. HAHA!)

LBD GOES A LONG WAY! You can wear them on almost any occasion. You must invest on black dresses with different cuts that compliment your body. Black is indeed very flexible.

MY SHOES! This pair of shoes is my gem! I really love to wear it. Although its heels are killing me, I still love to show them off because I feel so sexy and elegant when I wear them.

MY UNION FLAG BAG! Oh please! I know you adore them so much! HAHA! This bag is so POSH! It is from Riye’s Closet! I will buy thousands of these and give it all to my POSH FRIENDS! It was my pleasure to be modelling this posh bag. I just want to take it home!

For my make-up, I really thanked the mother of Riye who knows just what to do.

I was able to go out of my box with this get-up because I don’t want to show my shoulders but I was able to conquer it, thanks to my POSH Ladies! To all the girls out there my advice is go beyond what you think you can do or wear. Be adventurous. Be bold. Take risks and Be unique!


59 thoughts on “My Award’s Night Look

  1. I didn’t even know it is humanly possible to be this beautiful!
    So pretty oh my gawd. 😀 <33333333
    I had fun reading too, just not that much since I'm a guy. :p

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