The Hairstylist!

Hey there, POSH LADIES!

Vikky here, Riye’s Lovely Sister! ❤

I’m their so-called-poshie-hairstylist. Haha! I am overwhelmed to be called the “hairstylist” and actually I don’t’ want to be called that way because it’s way too big for me. I’m also shy whenever they call me the same at school.


Since then my hobby is fixing hair. But when we go to mall or I go to school my hair is not fix. I just wear a bun or my hair is ponytailed. My favorite look is my hair in a bun because it doesn’t irritate me and it gives air to my nape.

Fixing hair is just my hobby. I don’t know why I became fond of it; maybe because it brings out my personality.


I was inspired by Taylor Swift and Miley’s hairstyles! Their curls are so pretty! I was hooked-up to the extent of me requesting my dad to buy a curling iron abroad. I was really desperate to have their curls at that time! (Well, even now.) Luckily because of my high grades he bought it! (I thank my stock-knowledge for that!)


 This is my super favorite curling iron ever! It is called Infiniti by Conair (YOU CURL). I can achieve Taylor and Miley’s curls using this.




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