Deniece Cornejo

Deniece Cornejo is more than a beautiful face but also an achiever. She is currently taking up HRM at La Salle College Antipolo. Everybody likes her attitude about keeping beauty inside and out.

We love her so much so here’s our posh interview with her!!


1. When did you start your modelling career?

I was discovered with my uncle having lunch at mcdo if I remember I was 3 years old then had gone castings and commercials.


2. Are there any factors/requirements that you need to have before you get into modelling?

If you don”t believe in yourself it will be hard for you to get what you want. there are two things you have to consider character and passion.

3. What brand of clothes do you prefer to wear? Are you brand conscious?

I’m not a brand conscious I’m actually practical when it comes to buying clothes. as long as it fits my style I’ll buy it!


4. How do you style clothes?

I always make sure there is glimpse of simplicity but fashionable in a same time. I’m more into semi formal type.

5. What beauty tips you can share to us?

1st find a great inspiration,surround yourself with people that will help you to feel beautiful. avoid eating rice, soft-drinks and junk-foods always put sunblock everyday and everywhere!



6. How do you maintain your beautiful long hair?

I just put Aloe Vera before washing it. I don’t comb my hair everyday! Haha!


7. Are you health conscious?

Yes I am. Health is wealth.

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8. What do you prefer flats or heels?



9. What is POSH to you? 

Define yourself with a clean and elegant look. Excellent presentation is half of the battle! If you’re a girl, never wear anything you feel uncomfortable in, even if it’s fashionable it is important to remember that modesty is vital in earning the respect of others.

Stick to nice colors. Don’t pick something violent or that stands out look for anything light, clean, and fresh looking.


However, remember that what matters most is how you carry yourself brands and fashions are only the frosting,
Do not insult, gossip, or slander. When necessary, voice your opinions appropriately and constructively. This encourages your audience to listen carefully when you speak.

But if someone is bullying you, you have the right to insult.


Always be nice to other people, unless you have something against them


10. Any advice to all the girls who want to be a model?

Love the camera so that the camera will love you back. Be yourself always.



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