Elf 100 Eye Shadow Palette Review

My mom loves make-up whenever I go to school parties or I need to glam up she’s always there to put on her magic in me. Haha!  But for the last 2 to 3 years, she always complain about not having enough eye shadow palettes to choose from or she likes to have summer colored palettes. At first, I thought she was just nagging and bored with the palettes she has. My sister and I will always tell her to buy new ones or just stick to the colors she has because we don’t use make up all the time. Right?

Then here comes 2012, my mom will celebrate her 40th Birthday and I’m really thinking of what to give her on this very special day. My sister suggested having shirts printed for her or getting her some roses but it was too plain for me; I want to surprise her with something that she really likes. And luckily, I saw ELF’s facebook page and I immediately thought of buying eye shadow palettes for her.

I bought it at Robinson Metro East, good thing they have it there because it was just a small stall in the cosmetics area. I personally picked this spring set because of its flexibility and the summer feel of the colors. As you can see on the left photo, it has pink, green, yellow, orange, black, blue, violet and a whole lot more!! What amazes me is that when you apply it to your skin it naturally blends well.

My mom really loves it! She loves the fact that it’s long wearing and very light. Here is my mom’s tip:  you need to put ample amount for it to color your eye lids because on your first application it may be too light and it won’t last that long but do not be afraid that it may look heavy and intense. ELF makes an effort to keep their eye shadows light and comfortable to wear even though you had a second to third coating you won’t see it because it blends well to your skin and so it doesn’t look “clowny” or heavy.

It a great must have to any girls who likes to start their way to being a make-up artist!

Here comes the most important part: the PRICE TAG!!! It only costs 899.00 pesos roughly 23 dollars! Way to cheap compared to Mac and other popular brands. You can enjoy this summer and neutral colors for 899.00 pesos only and mind you, these are 100 palettes! You must change your eye shadow thrice a day to use them all up! Haha!

Here are some of our photos wearing this Poshiriffic eye shadow palettes:

Taken during our dine-out at Papa John’s Pizza House 3 days after my mom’s birthday! The colors i’m wearing was a purpleish pink. 

This is my cousin we were trying to do a little cat eye here. I used brown and gold plus black and silver on the ends.

Its me again! Purple half moon and yellow to gold accents to brighten up the face! 🙂

Don’t forget to Smile! 😀


21 thoughts on “Elf 100 Eye Shadow Palette Review

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  2. thanks for your wonderful review!! Your photos while wearing the colors are so fab! I actually bought this because of youuu 🙂 i really love the spring collection!! Please create more combinations! I want to see and know more!!

    • Thank you TWEETY for complementing my dedication to service and yes, i can be girl (sometimes) HAHAHA!!! 😀 drop your name so i can thank you personally! – Riye 🙂

  3. Such a wonderful gift and very practical too as you can all share it ;). Colors are vibrant and gorgeous! Hope to get some make up tutorials when we see each other soon, hopefully 🙂

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