Sarah Mae Molina.

Sarah Mae Molina is a 4th Year Student taking up Marketing Management. She is part of the Student Council as being the Vice President for Activities! She is uber fashionable and she like to dress up! Sarah also owns an online shop named: Ichigoshoppe ( – through her shop she can had attended bazaar and she can practice her two favorites: Profit and FASHION!

To help us out in our journey to posh fashion, we have emailed her a set of questionnaire and here’s her posh answers!

1.   Heels or flats? Why?

For me I like to wear heels because it makes me feel sexy and it elongates my legs. I’m only 5 feet tall and it is an advantage for me to wear a little bit of height enhancer. Haha! But, when I want to look simple and not too overdressed I use flats to help my feet rest for days or weeks when they are tired for wearing those killer heels.

2. Jeans, skirt or shorts? Why?

I really love to wear shorts not because the tinier and shorter you wear, the more attention you get and sexier you are but I wear shorts because I feel comfortable and my legs can breathe.

They are easy to wear, no hassles when I travel for they are light weight and we are in the tropical country it’s so hot that my legs sweat when I wear pants. Skirts is sometimes a no no especially when I take a ride in our PUV’s because sometimes wind may blow my skirt upwards and see the sexy little thing underneath or worst case scenario there are so many maniac in the streets.  But I wear skirts for corporate attire and business meetings.

3. Long hair or Short Hair?

Long hair and short hair are both sexy and glamorous as long as you know how to handle and fix your crowning glory.

4. How do you keep track of the latest fashion do’s? Describe your fashion style.

 I don’t go with the trend, as long as I look good and appropriate to where I’m going that’s fine with me. Especially in our generation today there are a lot of trends coming out and some of them are out of the world ideas about fashion. I don’t follow what’s new if they are not my style. But, if I find the new fashion appealing and not too weird to wear I’ll try and if it doesn’t work then I don’t follow it.

My fashion statement is I over dress sometimes but I make sure i don’t look trashy and simplicity is beauty. Both are contrast, but if you know how to dwell with colors and accessories that goes well with your clothes then your good to go. Style, pictures your personality and creativity. I’m a good designer with great taste for clothes (Not to brag) and this helps me to be a good dresser.
5. Where do you buy your Fab clothes?

I buy my clothes in Cotton on, H and M, Forever 21, Promod, Bayo, Plain and Prints, Zara and Divisoria for one time use. Sometimes my father buys clothes and accessories for me abroad.

6. What is your beauty routine to keep your face fresh and clean?

 Beauty starts from within and I have proven it. I always eat fruits and a lot of water helps. Keeping your body hydrated makes your skin look healthy. I don’t usually wear too much make up, I only use mascara, eyeliner and lip balm. I seldom use powder, lipstick, blush on, concealer, foundation and type of makeup unless needed for pictorials.  I only use less makeup to keep my face from irritation and look fresh. I make sure I clean my face with facial wash (I use Garnier) and face lotion (I use Face shop). I stated the brand name because for us girls we only use the trusted brand for our skin. My skin is very sensitive and it’s very hard for me to use products and another because I’m not used to it and sometimes, irritation occur.

7. As an entrepreneur, how do you pick out your merchandise? Do you based it on price, uniqueness, colors and the like?

I based it on my style, color, somehow price for my consumer’s affordability and the basic rules of fashion. You should know the do’s and don’ts because it will help you which one to pick the best.

8. Please give us tips on how to spot a super must buy product!

For us girls we need to have basic clothes such as tank tops for inner wear, denim pants and shorts, black and white pants, black dress, inner shorts, basic lingerie’s and accessories such as plain scarf with basic colors, simple stud earrings for all occasion, black or brown bag, clutch for party, black heels, pair of nude tone shoes, simple watch and all around sunglasses. Pick the basic colors such as black, nude and white and metallic colors.

9. Give us 3 things that a Posh Lady needs in her bag every day.

Wallet of course, girls can’t shop without cash or cards, Gadgets to keep you in touch with friends and loved ones as well as to Google the new fashion and Beauty kit which includes my personal hygiene kit (Feminine wash, Underwear, napkin), mascara, eyelashes, curler and lip balm.

10. Any advice to give our young posh girls on how to be confident about themselves?

Always remember God created everything with beauty. Every BODY is beautiful, every FACES are unique and every ONE has its own trademark that no one can imitate. Just be yourself and let everyone see your personality for this will help you to show them the real YOU and effortlessly be confident with your own skin.

11. What is “POSH” to you?

POSH is being confident even without makeup, being beautiful by not over spending, and most importantly have a good heart that does not only deal with fashion but also to the people who inspire you to look at your best.




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