My ombre hair.

Long black and straight hair plus one-sided bangs is the perfect description of my hair ever since I was in grade school.

I tried to dye my hair with semi-dark colors like medium brown and chestnut brown but never with light ones such as tangerine and ash blonde. This is because I don’t wanna feel disappointed and feel nervous that it might not turn out what’s supposed to be.

All these years, I never tried any extraordinary hairstyle until my older sister had introduced Junina, known as June. She is a Filipina residing in Australia, and currently taking up Medicine. She writes blogs about fashion from top to bottom. She even posts make-up tutorials and videos modeling her clothes. At first, I didn’t view the links sent by my sister because I don’t find it interesting. Every time she asks me how I find June’s clothes, I just fake my positive feedbacks to not sadden her. She keeps on asking me the same question and so I just repeat my answers up to the point that she noticed that my responses are all the same. She kinda felt bad and so to enlighten her I forced myself to click a links. Surprisingly, I found myself watching almost all June’s videos. I got curious with her hair which I found pretty cool. So I browse through her videos and to my surprise, there is one entitled “How to do ombre hair”. The word ombre is adapted from the French word which means shading or shaded. It is generally darker at the roots and gets lighter and lighter as it goes to the tip. Various colors may be used in doing ombre but the most popular one is blonde.  Anyway, I clicked it and voila, I already knew how to make one but was figuring out how to make my tip blonde first. I waited for my semestral break before I finally decided to experiment on this kind of hairstyle. I asked my brother’s friend to do it for me.

Below are the steps he did:

  1. He dyed half of my hair with ash blonde (he didn’t use comb to distribute the colors but instead used his fingers)
  2. Leave it for about 30 minutes or as long as the desired color is achieved
  3. After, wash it thoroughly
  4. Apply bleaching powder to enhance the color even more (put more on the very most tip of the hair to lighten it up)
  5. Leave it for 30 minutes  and wash thoroughly

Keeping it straight is good but curling the ombre hair makes it look fashionable. I personally chose this color because I was imitating June.I found my hairstyle way cooler than before. It makes me different from others. It contributes in boosting my self-confidence. It evidently showed my courage to try something new and experiment.

Unfortunately, this made my hair dry. However, there are home remedies which I use to lessen and prevent the dryness and also maintain the “blondeness”. I use conditioner regularly. I apply it every after I shampoo. I rub and put more on the tip because it is the dried up part. After washing it, I evenly apply hair cuticle coat (Vitress in particular). Every time I straighten/curl it, I use heat resistant spray then apply hair moose. Remember that you have to take care of your crowning glory!

To inspire you even more, I grabbed some photos for the net!


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