Orange Range!

This outfit that I’m wearing was given by my auntie just last summer. Originally it was owned by my cousin. My aunt said that she asked a tailor to have it customized for her daughter and I assume that was 10-15 years back. So I think this outfit is on its way in becoming a vintage stuff! What amuses me is that it still looks new!

Wearing like this is something new for me because I’m a gal who is more into plain shirt and pants. In fact, I wasn’t even planning to wear this on our photo shoot; it’s just that our stylist-slash-photographer-slash-makeup artist, Riye, encouraged (forced) me to! Hehe! Even though I’m not that confident to wear this kind of stuff, still I did because I trust my poshies that they will bring out the best in me.

 What I like about this one is its vibrant color, Orange!! My make-up was orangey too and please forgive my orange lippies as well! Haha! I was very hesitant about the make-up; It was really my first time to wear these colors but it was not bad at all, I super junior liked it! My hair was curled to add volume and drama. If I’m sporting for a lighter make-up and wearing a lovely straw hat with a white belt on my waist, I could imagine myself walking on a park with my ideal boyfriend, Kyuhyun or just having a stroll with my cute pooch!

For my shoes, this is a from Primadonna. I loved the way it gives as sexy tone to your feet and it was easy to wear and very comfortable. The shoes was the key to make the look elegant and classic.

So remember if you got nothing to wear, go through your parents’ or grandparents closets for cool, vintage goodies!


18 thoughts on “Orange Range!

    • That’s from Primadonna- when they had the greatest sale ever in SM Masinag! from 2,000 to 1,000! – Riye Here. Good thing it fits cha, We’re so like sisters so we share almost anything!! 😀

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