Rocker Vibe!

I never imagine that I will wear this outfit. When Riye, our photographer and one of my posh friends, told me that I will be the rock chic my initial reaction was “Oh my Posh!” So I tried to picture out what a rocker looks and feels like.

For my make-up, it’s a smokey black and silver with bright to dark red lipstick. My hair was braided on left and curled on the right. Who would ever imagine that I will wear this lippy; I never knew it fits my skin tone.

A person’s outfit can mirror their personality. Good thing I wore this one sided black stripes top and a belt that made me look girly. The leather skirt partnered with a velvet low-cut boots made the look even more in character! My posh friends are really good in motivating me to pose. I love them!

Having my posh friends to boost my confidence is really a big help not just with how my fashion was upgraded but they made me feel loved and they always push me to a new experiences!

Let’s Rock and Roll!


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