Chiara Vicencio

Chiara Vicencio, the Make-up Artist! She is a Psychology student and she loves painting; her canvass are faces of her friends, paints are make-ups and her brushes are for eye shadow and blush! To get to know more about our interview with this beautiful lady, READ ON!

1. Tell us the story about your love for make-up.
It all started with my mom’s liquid liner pen… I was actually 14 back then and she put on me and I was shocked that it made my eyes look bigger. From then on, I have this secret love for makeup (well not anymore!). And since I know nothing about makeup, I ventured through Youtube. My friend, Cess, introduced me to Michelle Phan. At first I was not impressed by how she appeared in her videos but as I browse through other related videos, I’m in heaven! Up until today I learn from beauty gurus in Youtube.

2. Give us one color of eye shadow that a posh lady needs for everyday wear.
Definitely a matte brown/taupe eyeshadow. It is a very versatile color. You can use it for your brows, as a contour for nose and cheeks and as a regular eyeshadow.

MAC Satin Taupe Eyeshadow Tutorial 1 mac-soft-brown Matte Brown Eye Shadow
3. What kind of brushes should i buy to start my make-up journey?
I, myself don’t have those fancy shmancy brushes. I only have 7 pcs. Makeup brush set. I would suggest having the basics… like eyeshadow brush, blush brush, angled liner brush and lip liner brush. That’s all I use actually.

5-vert (1)


4. How do you find the best liquid foundation for your face?
This is actually an important question to answer. For me, there are 2 things that are most important… color shade and the formula. Head on through the testers and ask for the color range of their foundation. We usually test it in our hands right? That’s actually unreliable since the back of our hands does not match the color of our face (well, most people do). The best way is to apply it in our jaw line as well as on our neck, this way we can avoid looking like a ghost and uneven skin tone. Just put a vertical stroke and see if it matches your skin.

l_mac-studio-fix-spf15-flawless-liquid-foundation-1pcs-0089 STAY MATTE BUT NOT FLAT LIQUID FOUNDATION (2)

5. Please give us a tip on how to apply liquid eyeliner.
Always start in small strokes, and close to the lash line as possible. Start in the center part of your lash line then to the outside corner and go back to the inner corner. This way, you can minimize the “bako bakong” eyeliner. Ha ha!


6. How do you keep your palettes clean?
I make sure that my brushes are clean so as not to transfer bacteria. Since I don’t do much of makeup for other people I don’t have much of makeup.
7. What is the use of bronzer?
To define a person’s facial features. It basically adds shadow to the hollow points of your face to make them look slimmer and defined.

8. Can we see your collection of make-ups and brushes and can you tell a little story about them?
This was actually the first photo I took with my palettes.. My ever loving Mama and Tita Monang supported me with my love for makeup. I only asked for one palette but they gave me three! And the time when I got these babies… I literally screamed. LOL funny but true!


9. What brand do you trust most?
Definitely MAC Cosmetics. No questions asked.

MAC-Cosmetics-Logo macma

10. What can make-up do to make a lady feel confident?

In my opinion, it heightens the confidence level of a person. A defined brows and a swipe of a lipstick makes a huge difference… and the added bonus? we could have fun with it.



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