What is Posh?

“Posh” is an expression used by most girls to show admiration to an outfit. We are a group of ladies who loves to mix and match clothes from our entire closet (across each other’s closets. Haha!) We share tops, shoes, accessories, gadgets and we follow each other on twitter, facebook and instagram! We spend our time checking out the biggest sale in town and stalking fashion icons such as Tyra Banks and Tricia Gosingtian.

To start your journey to being a posh lady, we have listed down some of the attributes that you need:


You need to be updated with the fashion industry from time to time. Be aware with the up and coming trends. You can follow your fashion idols on their website so you can get a glimpse of their fashion statements.


You need to bring out your creativity and imaginative character. You don’t have to buy expensive clothes just to be fashionable, what you need is a good mix and matching skills! If in case, you need a new set of top and bottom, look for the trendy but classic pieces and of course, affordability. A posh lady also needs discipline in spending bucks!


You need to wear your confidence and smile whenever and wherever. This is the trick in looking gorgeous and attractive. Feel comfortable with your body and flaunt your assets.


Aside from your physical beauty, you need to prioritize what’s within. Part of being a posh is a good study habits. School comes first. If you are equipped with intelligence and skills then surely no one can bring you down.  Good personality lasts longer than attractive physical appearance. Indeed, what is beauty if your brain is empty?


You need girlfriends too! Posh is not just a typical interest group, it is more of a family. You don’t just chat about fashion but also tell secrets and problems to each other. They can boost your confidence in no time and they can be a shoulder to cry on. Just like the saying goes “one for all, all for one”.


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